Lunchables Kabobbles Chicken Popper

Lunchables Chicken Popper Kabobbles. New! Check out Excellent source of protein. Oscar mayer breaded chicken poppers - white meat only. Kraft American - pasteurized prepared cheese product. Pretzel sticks. Hershey's kisses. Capri Sun fruit punch. Lunch combinations. Ka.bob.bles. Build it your own way! Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. department of agriculture. Per package: 350 Calories. 6g Sat fat, 30% DV. 540mg Sodium, 23% DV. 26g Sugars. Capri Sun. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, fruit punch, fruit punch flavored juice drink blend. Fully cooked breaded popcorn shaped chicken patties, pasteurized prepared American cheese product, pretzel sticks, Hershey's kisses - milk chocolate, Capri Sun fruit punch flavored juice drink blend from concentrate. Fun pack. 100% fruit juice. Check out the world famous kabobulator. A whole new way of putting things together. Please recycle this carton. Capri Sun and the Capri-Sun pouch are registered trademarks of the Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH. 1-800-222-2323. Visit us at: Visit to find out more! Please have package available. Kraft Foods.