Old London Melba Toast, White

Fat Free, A cholesterol free food. The Melba Taste For Life Plan Instead of heavy fattening meals...enjoy light meals and snacks made with Melba and ingredients from the major food groups. Use the following Melba Taste for Life Basic 3 Principles to enjoy light meals everyday and enjoy a taste for life! 1. Keep it light! Enjoy frequent Melba light meals and snacks all day to improve your eating habits. Nutritionists agree frequent light meals all day over three heavy meals a day are healthier and more beneficial to maintaining a healthy body weight. 2. Enjoy the variety! Enjoy Melba snacks and light meals from the major food groups to round out the day nutritionally without having to eat heavy meals. Prepare 6 Melba snacks for the day made with toppings from the Dairy, Veggie, Meat and Fruit food groups and your daily requirement for Grains is already met with Melba! 3. Stay active! Maintain a simple exercise routine like walking to stay healthy and achieve all the benefits of enjoying a taste for life! A brisk walk 30 minutes a day improves cardiovascular functions and helps burn calories.