Planters Harvest Dark Chocolate Forest Blend

100% natural. Almonds, cranberries & dark chocolate almonds. Over 100 years ago, a young Italian named Amedeo Obici immigrated to the United States and created a new way to roast and pack peanuts to keep them crunchy, fresh and delicious. His passion for nuts led to The Planters Peanut Company. Amedeo's commitment to high quality, natural ingredients and fresh taste inspired Planters Harvest. Dark Chocolate Forest Blend is 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Each nut is carefully selected, individually roasted to bring out its natural flavor and crunch, and then packaged to maintain freshness. Planters Harvest Dark Chocolate Forest Blend is the perfect combination of California grown premium almonds simply roasted in sea salt, dark chocolate covered almonds and tart cranberries. Enjoy 100% natural Planters Harvest!