Playtex Silk Glide Odor Absorbing Tampons with Cardboard Flushable Applicator, Regular Absorbency

All natural odor absorber. Designed for comfort. Playtex Comfort: Smooth, Rounded Tip Cardboard Applicator - Provides easy and comfortable insertion; Special Rolled Design - Silk Glide tampons fit that the contours of your body for unsurpassed wearing comfort; Convenient Disposal - Both the tampon and applicator are flushable! Playtex Protection: Leakage Protection - The special rolled design expands in width, not length, to custom fit your body and provide comfortable protection for up to 8 hours, day or night; Unique Fragrance-Free Odor Protection - Only Playtex Odor Absorbing tampons eliminate odor by absorbing it naturally to leave you feeling fresh and confident! Each absorbency range represents the grams of fluid that can be absorbed by all manufacturers tampons based on a standardized laboratory test. Use this chart to compare the absorbencies of Playtex Tampons to other brands. Regular Absorbency: 6-9 grams; Super Absorbency: 9-12 grams; Super Plus Absorbency: 12-15 grams. Select the minimum absorbency needed to control your menstrual flow in order to reduce the risk of getting TSS. Every woman's flow differs. Often your own flow will be different from month to month and even from day to day. Here's a guide from Playtex to help you choose the right protection for you needs. Menstrual Flow: Light to Medium Flow - Regular; Medium to Heavy Flow - Super; Very Heavy Flow - Super Plus.