Simply Beyond Organic Fruit Vinegar, Cranberry

Blended with grapes. Everyday food made better. Non-GMO. Certified: OTCO organic. USDA organic. Minimum 70% fruit content. Select organic fruit juices and vinegar, crafted the traditional way in Modena Italy, come together to create a full-bodied organic vinegar, bursting with real fruit flavor that will take your meals Simply Beyond. Made with non-GMO organic ingredients, you can feel good about however you use it - the possibilities are endless! How do you spritz? Dress your salad & other vegetables. Marinade your meats. Spray on your sandwich. Drizzle on your ice cream. Pair with your favorite cheese. How do you spritz? Share with us on facebook! Facebook: Simple Beyond Foods. Our Eco-Friendly pouch container keeps our vinegar fresher longer by shielding if from air and light, while using compressed air, not chemical gases, to propel it. Triple Action Spritz: Drip; light. Spray; full. Nozzle pressure. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Acidity 4%. 100% recyclable. Product of Italy.