Robitussin Honey Cough Cough Syrup

Dextromethorphan HBr Cough Suppressant. Controls Coughs Up To 8 Hours. Made with natural Grade A Honey. Honey Cough combines effective cough relief with the wholesome goodness of pure honey. Honey Cough Syrup's soothing formula starts with pure, natural honey and blends in just the right amount of the most recommended cough suppressant, so it quiets your cough while it soothes and coats your throat. Honey Cough is from Robitussin, the cough brand recommended by more doctors and pharmacists, so you know you can trust it. And you'll feel better knowing that Honey Cough contains an ingredient recognized as safe and effective. It is non-narcotic, and won't cause drowsiness. Why Are Robitussin Products Chosen More Often? Recommended by more Doctors and Pharmacists than any other cough brand. Reliable and effective formulas for the whole family. Non-drowsy and non-narcotic formulas. Dosage cup provided. Robitussin Honey Cough Cough Syrup: Non-Drowsy Formula.