VIVONEX TEN Unflavored 10-2.84 oz Packets

An effective substitute for total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Vivonex T.E.N., is a high nitrogen, elemental (100% free amino acids) diet for total enteral nutrition. The Vivonex elemental diet is an effective substitute for total parenteral nutrition (TPN), except in patients where enteral feeding may be contraindicated (ie, less than 60 cm of functioning small intestine). Its high essential to non essential amino acid ratio, enhanced branched-chain amino acid content, and optimal quantity of protein-sparing carbohydrate make it especially useful in stressed, catabolic patients. The Vivonex diet will further benefit those patients with gastrointestinal impairment requiring a low residue feeding that permits maximal absorption with minimal digestion. In standard dilution, the Vivonex diet provides 1 Calorie per ml or 300 calories per packet, distributed as 15.3% amino acids, 2.5% fat, 82.2% carbohydrate. Nutrition Information: The nitrogen (protein) in the Vivonex diet is supplied as pure L-amino acids, specifically patterned for optimal utilization and anabolism, and with a Calorie to nitrogen ratio of 175:1. Ten 80.4 gram packets provide 3,000 calories, 17.1 grams available nitrogen, 8.33 grams fat and 617 grams carbohydrates. Product of USA.