• West's Plaza
  • 1900 North Buckeye, Abilene, KS 67410
  • (785) 263-2285
  • Size

    75 sf








    6.96 m sq. 25 yds x 12 in (22.86 m x 304 mm). Trusted since 1947. Strong enough for your toughest situations! Wrap food to help keep it fresh & to help prevent freezer burn. Line pans before cooking to help make cleanup easy. Cover bowls to help keep food moist & to help prevent splatters. Reynolds strength. Our unconditional guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your money refunded. For easy, delicious recipes visit reynoldskitchens.com. To Contact Us: Visit: ReynoldsKitchens.com. Call: 1-800-433-2244. Write: Reynolds Kitchens, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. For sticky situations, try Reynolds Wrap non-stick aluminum foil. Reyn-water printing inks. Foil label on Certified 100% recycled paperboard. Foil made in USA.