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    Clorox® Urine Remover. Works on hard & soft surfaces. Works on: Restrooms. Pet stains. Tile & grout. Rugs & carpet. Mattresses & upholstery. Sidewalks, pavement & concrete. For stains & odors. Smart Tube® technology. Removes urine odors and stains from hard and soft surfaces, including toilets, urinals, grout, mattresses, upholstery and carpets. Also removes tough pet stains. Tough on urine stains, safe on most hard and soft surfaces: Tile, grout, urinals & toilet stains. Carpets, mattresses & upholstery stains. Concrete, walls & flooring stains. Spray Every Drop!® Contains: hydrogen peroxide. Contains no phosphorus. Contains biodegradable cleaning agents. Clorox is a registered trademark of The Clorox Company. Questions or comments Visit us at www.clorox.com or call 1-800-227-1860. For more product ingredient information, visit www.ingredientsinside.com. ©2014.